Thursday, May 05, 2005

So, What Are You Trying To Tell Us?

This is the worst thing I've heard in a long time. It seems one Franklin Carver, of St. Louis, MO, decided to commit suicide. Sad, yes, but pretty common, unfortunately. What is unusual is HOW: This man wanted to die so badly and was so dedicated to the cause, yet apparently hired assassin wouldn't have been a good career move:

Franklin E. Carver, 67, of the 2700 block of Greenwood Lane, shot himself five times - three times in the head and twice in the chest - inside his home Wednesday, but none of the shots was immediately fatal, authorities said. Carver then got into his customized van and drove 10 minutes to the Clark Bridge, where he parked in the bicycle lane and jumped off the south side of the bridge as a frantic motorist called 911 from a cell phone.

"This is probably the most unusual suicide case I've ever seen in my career," said Lt. David Hayes of the Alton Police Department. "It's a bizarre case; it really is."

The Madison County coroner said Monday that preliminary autopsy results indicate Carver, who had several convictions, died of drowning. During the autopsy, performed Sunday, doctors pulled five small-caliber bullets that had lodged in Carver's body. The three shots to the head did not penetrate the skull, while one shot to the chest missed vital organs and the other struck the liver.

Man, sometimes you live hard but you die harder. Jesus. You'd think at least ONE of the head shots would have been fatal. Yet after taking 5 bullets, he still had to drive to the river to drown himself. Hey, the guy has spirit. Or had, I guess I should say.


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