Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Desperate Housewives Sucks

I just read a great piece from about the backlash from the opening Monday Football Broadcast on ABC. It mirrors what I thought about the whole thing. Apology???? My ass! The whole thing was planned and executed to the tee. In case anyone hasn't heard about the skit, Nicolette Sheridan's character from ABC's vapid excuse for programming Desperate Housewives jumped "naked" into the arms of Eagles WR Terrell Owens suggesting he delay opening kick-off to play a different game of "Tight End and Wide Receiver." Of course, all one could see was her naked back, but that's not the point. Marketing dipshits at ABC, knowing full well the attention CBS got after Nipplegate from the Super Bowl Half Time Show in January, decided that the reaction would only serve to draw viewers to the network and the show, all for free. It would certainly surpass any fine they might have to pay.

It's all shameless marketing. It's the same shit Fox pulls during the World Series, flying stars of their shows in, talking to them during breaks, etc. Poor Al Michaels and John Madden, while trying to call a football game, have to feign smiles and kiss ass to similar dipshits like George Lopez, who sat in the booth with them FOR A WHOLE QUARTER and self-promoted his mediocre, "look we're normal minorities, laugh with us" piece-of-shit show!!!! Guess what network HIS show is on?

Sure, I'm upset and amazed to see just how uptight and repressed our culture is about sex, but not as upset as I am seeing companies sell anything at any time, any place. I can't avoid it. At least I still have the Joe Louis Arena, and the Rose Bowl (brought to you by - insert jackass company here). But music, movies, TV, EVERYTHING just stinks of crass commercialism. Network is the worst though, as 99% of it is garbage, pandering to the lowest common denominator, only there to hock shit Americans don't even need. What the fuck?


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