Friday, October 29, 2004

Idol Hands....

As if college education wasn't getting too lenient already, here is another prime example. According to, students at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte will be able to take on AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!

Beginning in January, students at UNCC will earn three credit hours for the class “Examining ‘American Idol’ Through Musical Critique.”

The class will watch the show twice a week and devise its own system for rating contestants. Students will learn the history of different musical styles used as “Idol” themes, such as Motown and Broadway. The final project will be a paper on who should win and why.

Christ. I mean, I know at University of Michigan, you could get out of part of your science requirement by taking Geology 101, or "Rocks For Jocks" as it was widely known. And as a Psychology major, I know that Psych 101 is a breeze, although classes on Political and cognitive Psychology were some of the best things I ever studied, plus, I got to dissect a human brain. But we still had to take 4 semesters of Foreign Language, and a significant amount of Natural and Social Sciences, in conjunction with your concentration. My friends and I took Astronomy, Philosophy, History, Logic, or Computer Programming to fill our extraneous requirements, not this shit. I never had TIME to take a class like this, let alone get OFFERED one. Maybe it was the Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus II that got in the way. Or that the few free credit hours we DID have were spent on our diversity requirement, which if you were studious, could be filled by a meaningful course like Biological Anthropology. I wanted to take a class in the music school, but it was on Music Theory and 16th-19th Century composers, not on 2nd-rate imitators butchering shitty songs in between shameless self-promotion and commercial whore-mongering. It's just getting embarrassing to read this shit. What's next, a class on the effect the show Friends has had on consumer culture in the midst of 1990's economic prosperity???

N.B. If Michigan offered a course on the cartoon Fat Albert, I would definitely find a way to take that. "Today class, we'll be dissecting the barbs of young Rudy......Example: Man, you like school in the summer......NO CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!" I can't believe some studio is fronting the cash to make a live-action film of this show. This ain't gonna turn out well.............


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